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And the Drama Begins bah [Feb. 24th, 2006|03:29 pm]
[Current Mood |enragedenraged]
[Current Music |Pantera- Vulgar display of agression album]

I swear to god why are people so anal over dumb shit?
Seriously people let the most stupid things become there arguement point foundations that has so many holes in it a mouse would get lost in it.

Ok leaving out names but god dammit I want to slap people around me. People ask for honesty and truth ...but when you give raw truth to people they want you to cook it and butter it up so they can swallow it.

Well I say fuck you all that feel like that. Truth isnt always flowery and nice fluff fluff. And it WILL offend you.

But ask yourself this. Do you want me to lie to you and fluff shit up but never making an honest response? OR do you want the pure truth?

Well my answer is I want the fucking truth. No games ...no sugar coats.

I can accept disagreement as long as its based on honesty not some delusional defense on some crusade over moot shit cause you dont wana be wrong.

If you cant handle people like me who accept human behaviors good and bad and can address both sides of human behavior....Go away...just go the fuck away.

I am the prime example of Ying and Yang...there is no grey area with me. Im kind/im cruel. The ones dancing in between are delusional and want to hide in there social shells our society creates. Simplifying people to catagories ...playing the tactfull game of spin and mincing words avoiding main points and raw truth.

Simply far too many folks like that in this world...and I have a right hook waiting for all of you with a hook kick to follow on your way down to sucking on some dirt.

yes im pissed off. im pissed off with people ....Truth is never always pretty grow the fuck up and accept the fact that not everything in fucking life is pretty fluff fluff kind kiss my ass type stuff...accept the raw anger and negatives also....as long as you get the truth ....that person is worth respect. You dont have to agree but respect the fact a man can stand by the truth.

anywho wow i actually made a entry lol..heheh venting over.

For now.

[User Picture]From: anyee
2006-05-12 04:32 am (UTC)
such an angry little boy...
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